Come to the Parc de la Tête d’Or

 Coming  by car Coming from Paris-Villefranche sur Saône 1st solution : At the exit « Vaise », take Marietton street, the Croix-Rousse tunnel, cross the Rhône river. After the de Lattre de Tassigny bridge,… >>

The rose garden

The park has the particularity to present three complementary rose gardens. This abundance is a witness of the leading role the region had in rose flower history. The International rose… >>

The botanical garden

The botanical garden of Lyon is an alife museum, the shelter of the vegetal diversity of our planet. In the heart of the park – and of the city –… >>


The legend of the Golden Head (Tête d’Or). Contrary to what one might thing, the name of the place « La Tête d’Or » is far older than the creation of the… >>

The zoological park

In 2006, the Lyon zoo, part of the Parc de la Tête d’Or, has been added an « african plain » of almost three hectares (around 7 acres) wide. Several… >>