The botanical garden


The botanical garden of Lyon is an alife museum, the shelter of the vegetal diversity of our planet. In the heart of the park – and of the city – , this is a kind of oasis. This place of discovering, relaxing, and conviviality has a lot to admire : the abundance of its collections (carnivorous, orchids, passifloras…) is displayed on 8 hectares (20 acres) including 6 000 square metres (7150 square yards) of greenhouses. It is the house of about 16 000 species.

It holds one of the Europe’s greatest collections, and for this it is most valued by specialists who comes from all the world. As a member of the Conservatory of specialized vegetal collections, some of its collections are labelled national collections (araceae, begoniaceae, bromeliaceae…). It also includes a library, a herbarium, a seed shop, and a scientific pole, an essential addition to lead its research and conservation activities.

The botanical garden invests in environmental education for a sustainable development. All year round, find its events for schools, its workshops, its exhibitions, its visits for every age on the website of Lyon city’s natural activities :

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